DUNKS Terms & Conditions

How this raffle works:

1. Sign up for the next release of Nike DUNKS using our form. We will notify you at a later date when our pre-purchase raffle is available for you to shop.

2. Once you receive a notification email letting you know the collection is ready; you may shop the collection and pre-purchase ONLY 1 pair. Your card will not be charged at this time and you will be entered in our raffle for your order to be confirmed at a later date. 

3. The raffle will commence and you'll be notified if you are the lucky winner of your selected pair. At this point your card will be charged and we will notify you that your shipment is being processed, good luck!

Terms & Conditions:

This Raffle is available to Australian and international residents who sign up before the winners are drawn..

You may enter this raffle 1 time ONLY, multiple entries from the same person (including entrants using the same name twice) will be void and risk disqualification.

Upon entering this raffle, if the entrant is selected as a winner, the card submitted at time of entry (the card used to pre-purchase) will be automatically charged. This includes the raffle product and any shipping fees.

Please ensure all payment details entered are correct. Any winning entries with incorrect payment details or insufficient funds may result in the immediate cancellation of the entry.

Mi-Life holds the right to request a Valid Government Issued Photo-ID for any transaction made. Mi-Life may hold any payment made until proof of identity request has been fulfilled.

Mi-Life takes no responsibility for emails not received, although we urge you to check your junk or any other folders that our notification may be directed to. Notifications may be affected if you have unsubscribed or marked previous emails from M-Life as spam.

Entering our raffle constitutes the entrant's full and unconditional agreement to these Terms and Conditions, which are final and binding in all matters related to registration and launch product purchase. Eligibility is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements and abiding by conditions set forth herein.


PRICE: To be determined

SHIPPING & HANDLING: To be determined

REGISTRATION CLOSES: To be determined 


ONLINE RAFFLE PAYMENT: Entrant may only use Master Card, Visa, American Express, ShopPay, Apple Pay or Google Pay for registration. If the Entrant is successful, the nominated card at time of entry will be automatically charged.